Soho Coffee Table

Combining simplicity with modernity

Soho A Coffee Table
Soho B Coffee Table
Soho C Coffee Table

W.120 x D.100 x H.35 cm

Designed by Christophe Pillet


Soho coffee table is a timeless statement piece for everyday living.

Christophe Pillet

Combining simplicity with modernity.

Rejecting the idea of superiority and focusing on the beauty of tiny imperfections of natural existence, Soho Coffee Table follows the noted methods of Wabi-Sabi philosophy with its rounded amorphous forms and the sandblasted surface revealing veins that suggest the sensation of touching the bark of a tree. The solid wood coffee tables are produced in three dissimilar shapes and sizes and come in assorted colors. Soho Coffee Tables complement and counterbalance the strictly cultivated details, rigid edges, and pure geometric forms of the Soho Sofa with their raw texture and bulbous forms.