Luna Coffee Table

Sanctuary charm.

Luna A Coffee Table
Luna B Coffee Table
Luna C Coffee Table

Ø.64 x H.49 cm

Designed by Christophe Pillet

You can make bold moves and add an air of avant-garde to your living spaces by arranging its elements however you so wish.

Christophe Pillet

Sanctuary charm.

Evocative of the Greek column orders, Luna Coffee Table stands upon a medley of solid marble blocks with interlocking Lego-like modules and comes in three different forms with various combination options. The marble is obtained from the abundant quarries of Anatolia, a land blessed with one of the largest and excellent quality natural stone reserves in the world, and is substitutable with locally produced travertine. The concrete materiality of the design delivers a tactile and worldly offset to the soft surfaces the surrounding seating units provide. The natural veining of the modules lends each table a distinctive character. Luna Coffee Table A has an additional tabletop module with the same interlocking properties and marble/ travertine options. Luna Coffee Table B can be used as a part of a cluster, recreating the heights according to diverse needs. Luna Coffee Table C is the cuboid version of the unit B. The modular design enables an array of functions, a single coffee table or a cluster of low tables placed in the center of any furniture set or a single-unit side table as well as an assertive plinth for objets d'art.

Harmony Elevated

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