We work with the best.

Our products are designed by renowned designers and crafted by our team of experts. A production process that has been perfected over time, while keeping its original values intact: Creativity, quality and innovation.

Arketipo Design founded by Murad Denizaltı , Müge Hansoy Kınacı and Esin Sözer Kalender in 1994. For 27 years, especially hotels, Spa, Shopping centers, offices, Residential buildings with many projects have achieved success.

Arketipo Design

Interior Architect

Carlo Colombo is sitting on a armchair who is considered one of the most important Italian architects and designers who designs unique products for Enne

Carlo Colombo

Architect, Designer



enne studio logo represents ENNE Design studio which is a group of professional designers where they create unique products.

ENNE Studio

Design Team

Luca Erba

Architect, Designer

Maurizio Manzoni

Architect, Designer

Mustafa Toner is a well know Türkish architect and designer who designs unique furniture. He is also known for his outstanding coffee table design which is Tabaka

Mustafa Toner


two sisters who are sitting on the stairs Nour and Maysa Saccal represent Saccal Design. The company provides interior design and architecture services as well as product design.

Saccal Design House

Architect, Designer

Umut Yamac is a British architect and designer who works with ENNE

Umut Yamaç

Architect, Designer