Soho Sofa

Advanced simplicity

W.446 x D.485 x H.99 cm

Designed by Christophe Pillet


A sofa that shows how I like to design today: an obvious character, with high simplicity of expression.

Christophe Pillet

Advanced simplicity

An art lover/collector's fave due to its dignified lines that do not compete with works of art, Soho Sofa is a formal systems furniture with versatile composition possibilities. The metal frame covered in leather or nubuck supports the base and gently curls towards the rear to grasp the backrest and emphasizes the continuous, horizontal setting of the sofa. The metal frame is slightly hoisted from the floor to provide a hovering effect. The primary seating unit clusters the high or low back daybed modules, a rectangular side table equipped with a built-in wireless charger, and a LED reading lamp. Armrests come in two options; a massive, cuboid end module and a lightweight, floating horizontal joint element. The latter constitutes a junction between an attached or self-standing side table and the seater. The side table module has different wood veneer options, and the seaters come in fabrics like velvet and bouclé, in addition to leather or nubuck. The graphic upholstery stitching is a tribute to the traditional French padding technique, capitonné, applied on particular modules to create diverse surface textures and give way to inventive compositions.

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