Dolmen B Sideboard

Unleash sculptural elegance

W.245x D.60x H.80 cm

Designed by Maurizio Manzoni


Unleash sculptural elegance

With Dolmen Buffet, add a remarkable and stunning addition to any dining room or living space. This extraordinary piece of furniture boasts a body-shaped, gigantic marble or wooden column with legs, giving the impression of an epic masterpiece with its sculptural appearance.
The Dolmen Buffet is a true testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of its designers. The intricate details of the body-shaped leg are expertly crafted and offer a unique aesthetic.
The top of the Dolmen Buffet is made of high-quality wood, providing a beautiful and durable surface to display your favorite decor items or serve dishes. The combination of the wooden top and the sculptural body-shaped column creates a striking contrast for capture by anyone who enters the room.
Experience the perfect blend of artistry and functionality with the Dolmen Buffet. Its distinctive design, material harmony, and outstanding craftsmanship make it a must-have to pamper your home.

Harmony Elevated

Complete your environment within harmony