Suspence B Sofa

Unique and versatile.

W.275 x D.108 x H.67 cm

Designed by Maurizio Manzoni


Able to become the protagonist of the environment in which it is placed, Suspence is both classic and contemporary.

Maurizio Manzoni

Unique and versatile.

The Suspence model, which gives life to interior designs with the miraculous forms of nature, is designed for you to have a different experience in every sitting with its curved structure. Marble, which is processed with modern touches without sacrificing its purity, brings an effortless elegance to your living spaces by meeting design and improvisation. Offering single and double arm options, the Suspence model gives you the luxury of being free in your choices, while its legs that formally complement the seat make you feel that every fine detail has been thought of. All you have to do is live the pleasant moments.

Harmony Elevated

Complete your environment within harmony