Cordelia Chair

A revised classic.

Cordelia chair with 3 legs, plain form, leather upholstery

W.60 x D.47,5 x H.77,2 cm

Designed by Marconato & Zappa

Cordelia Chair; with the combination of solid wood with master craftsmanship and the elegance adapting to any environment designed to satisfy this passion

Marconato & Zappa

A revised classic.

Widely practiced in the 60'ies & the 70'ies, a three-legged chair is considered a wonder of physics. It poses stably on any uneven surface, as the tips of the legs always touch the same geometric plane. Cordelia Chair is the outcome of a refreshed design approach applied to a much older, classic, formal seating unit; a solid wood-framed Tub chair. The angular rear legs of the traditional design turn into one vertebral support that climbs through the one-piece crescent backrest/ armrest with a rattan inset. The enveloping structure of the solid wood chair displays the genuine craftsman skills of Enne. A proper companion for a dining or meeting table, its compact and lightweight nature makes it the ideal seat for any interior space. The sanded solid wood and the rattan inset come in various colors.

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