Leaf Sideboard

Like a leaf on the tree.

Leaf Buffet and it's light is hidden in the heart of its glass shelves, and its design creates a feeling of flying thanks to its thin metal legs…

W.257 x D.50 x H.60 cm

Designed by Maurizio Manzoni

Significant detail of the doors that spur and arch like a leaf on the tree.

Maurizio Manzoni

Like a leaf on the tree.

Already an iconic element of the Reflection collection, Leaf Sideboard provides the perfect stage for objets d'art and brings theatrical character to the living rooms. The design illustrates the opposition of masculine and feminine features and seizes the balance between solid materiality and organic forms. A series of finishes contribute to the extravagant yet contemporary appeal of the furniture. The linear, massive body has wood veneer and metal options, whereas the biomorphic doors come in fiber, metallic-painted, or veneered wood, in addition to glass. The bold, fleshy texture behind the doors delicately catches the eye once the LED fixture hidden inside the case illuminates with the help of its remote control. The nebulous effect applied to the slender metal leg has different color options.

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