Mustafa Toner is a well know Türkish architect and designer who designs unique furniture. He is also known for his outstanding coffee table design which is Tabaka

Toner, a firm on the Turkish architectural scene for three generations, was built from the ground up by Prof. Süha Toner, who has made many academic and private practice contributions to the nation’s architectural landscape. Prof. Toner was a leading academic figure as the founding President of the Yıldız Technical University, formerly known as the Istanbul Academy of Engineering and Architecture. He was also a founding member of one of Turkey’s first large architectural firms, IMA, together with Abdurrahman Hancı, Turgut Övünç and Affan Kırımlı.

Toner continued its legacy with the second generation. Mustafa Toner, empowered with his father’s business etiquette, brought contemporary knowledge and technical expertise to the firm, and cultivated many long lasting business collaborations, many of which still stand strong today. Mustafa Toner, who had his earliest experience in architecture while scratching drafting ink from tracing paper in his father’s office, began his life as an independent architect upon graduation from the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts (now Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University). His early contributions to architecture involve multiple large-scale local and international projects including headquarters of multi-national firms, private residences. Mustafa Toner continues to provide concept development, architectural design and project drafting and implementation services to an ever-growing clientele at his architectural practice ‘Toner’.

Toner, cognizant of the delicate balance of time, budget and aesthetics required for successful implementation of projects, has entered a new era in 2011 with the addition of the third generation. Emre Toner joined Toner after completing his education in economics at Tufts University and interior design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Mustafa Toner and his son Emre Toner have focused their creative energies to mold existing collaborations to new projects using professional, technical and social experience and provide a deeply rooted knowledge for cultivating new collaborations within a tradition of architecture that has been continuing to grow for the past three generations.


Designed by Mustafa Toner

Products designed for ENNE