Vıncent Sofa

Soft hearted giant.

W.445 x D.116 x H.60 cm

Designed by Draga&Aurel


Soft hearted giant

An imposing product with unorthodox elegance thanks to its soft flowing shapes and bold, rigorous lines, Vincent Sofa is a modular seating unit offering comfort and flexibility, yet its assertive appearance contradicts the tenderness it grants. A blobby seating system with 70ies spirit, it is favored in spacious lounge areas, corporate buildings, airports, museums, art galleries, and hotels. The astonishing versatility of the Vincent Sofa demonstrates itself via a medley of modules, each correlating to a different design aesthetic. The massive, pebble-like modules come in leather, nubuck, or fabric, and the metal strip encircling the seat has diverse color options.