Matısse Wall Sconce

Art of poise

W.30x D.17,5 x H.60 cm

Designed by Draga&Aurel


Art of poise

Widely regarded as the father of abstract expressionism and the leading colorist of the 20th century, Henri Matisse once said that he “sought to create art that would be a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair." And that soothing effect came to life on his cutouts, his simple geometric forms, distilling the object's essential character. Matisse Wall Sconce demonstrates the same ideas; to create a calming effect and a pacifying atmosphere in any interior space. The product is composed of three rectangular glass shades and two-way LED bulbs attached to a metal frame, which comes in a medley of color options. Suitable for every public and private space, the Matisse Wall Sconce extends endlessly due to its modularity and adjusts to any style with the help of vast color options of the handmade, slightly scrolled tinted glass shades.