Layla Armchair

Love and melancholia

W.92 x D.104 x H.78 cm

Designed by Draga&Aurel


Love and melancholia

An accent chair with low, deep, and extra padded seating, LAYLA ARMCHAIR reflects the semi-psychedelic and highly romantic zest of the 70s, inspired by the Far Eastern and Oriental sagas, thus taking its name from the song of the same name by Eric Clapton, which left its mark on the era. Combining the inspiration he got from the story of Layla and Majnun with the melancholy of his impossible love for his best friend's wife, Pattie Boyd, Clapton created one of the most iconic love songs in music history. On the other hand, Layla, a chair already counted among Enne's iconic designs, is ideal for residential use due to the utterly comfy seating it suggests. With its reclined back divided per the ergonomics of the backbone, Layla Armchair was made to embrace and comfort the user. The padded side elements operate as armrests and elevate the unit from the ground. Various fabric and nubuck upholstery options in addition to velvet are available, and the metal lining details surrounding the side elements come in an array of shades.