Wave TV Unit

Gravitational attraction

W.535 x D.75 x H.220 cm

Designed by Elif Genç


Gravitational attraction

A piece of furniture acts like a wall, sturdy and fixed but flexible, all in the same breath. These are the immediate traits of the Wave TV Unit that resonates with the built-in furniture designs of the 70ies. This colossal functional barrier was designed to impress, define the character of the space, and complement the bulky aesthetics of the Zeitgeist. Materials found in nature come together in a slightly concave build with an additional emphasis on wood. The wood veneer screens partially mask the natural stone background only to unveil the shelving unit, a backlit showcase with metal shelves. The void under the tubular metal cabinets affixed to the stone cavities can be inhabited by an electric fireplace if needed. The monolith structure can be customized and operates either as a wall unit or a self-standing partition and router. The metallic details come in three shades, whereas the natural stone has travertine and marble options. Various varnish alternatives apply to the wood veneered screens. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, showrooms, or any other public space, as well as private living rooms.

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