Arcus Sofa


W.409x D.307 x H.65 cm



Defined by its bulbous, massive yet playful, neotenic lines, Arcus Sofa is a modular seating unit with single seater, corner, and pouf modules. During the socially distant pandemic era, when the need for happiness at home and comfort overruled human psychology, the blob sofas of the 70'ies made an irrepressible comeback and proved to be a primary trend with their casual sensuality and modular qualities that make them great for social gatherings. As a result, fat, round, and joyous seating modules hooked together to create less formal, inviting, relaxed living areas are the current epitome of funky, stylish, luxurious living. Enne's interpretation of a blob sofa, Arcus' low, reclined seating modules, and the pouf that nestles a sectional spherical footrest can be easily reconfigured according to diverse needs and tastes. The sectional padding of the seater modules reinforces the general aesthetics of the product in addition to ergonomic requirements. Various fabric upholstery options are available, and the wooden base of the single-seater comes in an array of colors.

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