Suspence A Sofa

Contemporary nostalgia

W.285 x D.108 x H.71 cm

Designed by Maurizio Manzoni


Able to become the protagonist of the environment in which it is placed, Suspence is both classic and contemporary.

Maurizio Manzoni

Contemporary nostalgia

Like Michelangelo carves life out of marble, the Suspence series is an homage to the lifeblood of natural wonders. The sofa emerges in two different forms. Suspence Sofa A grabs attention with its symmetrical, bean-shaped seating, backrest, and double-armrests. The crescent shape of the seating assures soothing, sincere communication in formal and informal gatherings. With different seating depths, it offers a variety of sitting positions. The outcurved forearm details made of stone refine the sculptural stance of the design. They come in locally produced rough travertine and polished marble with various colors and textures. The conoid legs come in two different metallic paints applied to wood. Exclusively upholstered in bouclé as well as the other options of fabric and leather, the sofa is ready to serve different tastes and functions.

Harmony Elevated

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