Kimono Dresser

Outstandingly elegant.

Kimono dresser solid wood top plate wrapped with leather detail standing on white background.

W.150 x D.60 x H.136,5 cm

Designed by Marconato & Zappa

Where you will feel the Japanese breeze in your soul.

Marconato & Zappa

Outstandingly elegant.

Furnished with a detachable mirror, a front drawer, and two circular containers with wooden lids embedded on the desk, Kimono Dresser is a piece of freestanding furniture that comes forward with its unconventional geometric masses that come together with compelling wood and metal junction details. The bean shaped desk with a drawer grasps and sits on a wooden frame resembling the Kimono Bed's headboard, and a leather or nubuck coating encrusts the upper layer of the desk. Metallic painted solid wood recessed containers nest jewelry and small makeup items, owing to the user-friendly, detachable separators placed inside. Upholstery, wood, and metal elements have diverse color/ texture options.

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