Cholet Chair

Sense and sensibility

W.53 x D.52 x H.85 cm

Designed by Christophe Pillet


Sense and Sensibility

Blending assertive feminine and masculine traits, Cholet Chair has rather shabby, bohemian, loose vibes, a little unconventional for sharp and fitted contemporary modern spaces. This relaxed character makes it an immediate pick for cozy-chic environments. An embracing metal shell frame dressed in nubuck or leather forms the backrest/ armrest. The padded fabric seating rises on thin metal rods. The design approach quests for the endless struggle between soft and hard, organic and rigid forms. With Cholet Chair, this battle comes to an end, and they finally start supporting each other. Abrupt and magnetic, the product has a sensual appeal, with the cushions overwashing the edges of the metal shell. Fabric, leather, and nubuck options are available. Metal legs and the lining of the seat come in three shades. Mostly favored in home offices and dining rooms, it totally fits residential and hospitality projects.

Harmony Elevated

Complete your environment within harmony