Titano Table

A rich and refined form.

Titano Table, whose marble texture is enriched with wooden motifs and consists of metal legs, is on a white background.

W.270 x D.108 x H.75 cm

Designed by Maurizio Manzoni


The Titano Table was created to complete the composition of the Relief modular system.

Maurizio Manzoni

A rich and refined form

The grandiose abundance and staggering details of Titano Table reflect the spirited substance of the Titano Collection. The tabletop splits into uneven pieces and then unites around the hollowed-out natural stone pillar, which constitutes the primary support of the solid wood top. A lean metal belt wraps up and ties the junction. The metal sheet base works as an additional support to the tabletop besides framing the whole unit. The top end of the stone pillar emerges as a recessed, bowl-like setup to bring added function and unrivaled aesthetics to the composition. All materials are locally produced; the stone pillar comes in travertine and marble options. The sanded solid wood and metal surfaces have numerous color alternatives.

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