Foil Sideboard

Simplified maximalism.

W.244 x D.55 x H.75 cm

Designed by Maurizio Manzoni


Materials create a beautiful interplay of reflections that amplifies the internal space of the sideboard.

Maurizio Manzoni

Simplified maximalism.

Thoroughly aligned with the current interior trends, Foil Sideboard is a double-function unit, a sideboard, and a showcase in one body. An almost aphonic maximalist approach rules over the design, and it flourishes as a true masterpiece. The glass container with slenderized marble back and sanded solid wood top is upheld and reinforced by stirring industrial elements. Contemporary elegance is exposed through the metal legs, delicately lined with marble strips. The bending glass doors perfectly adjust to the extrorsal slope of the metal swallowtail post and set forth the remarkable crafting skills of Turkish glass-makers. The cabinet is equipped with remote-controlled LED lighting. With slate and bronze accent glass options, it takes up a bolder, weightier character.

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