Bast Coffee Table

Timeless experience

W.120x D.120 x H.35 cm

Designed by Elif Genç


Beauty Against All Odds

A stamp of strength and endurance, the Great Sphinx of Giza embodies the connection between humankind and the Gods, thus nature. BAST COFFEE TABLE borrows its form from the base of this ancient monument and its name from the eponymous Egyptian goddess. The personification of the soft, calm, and reserved aspects of femininity, Bast is the goddess of pregnancy and childbirth, portraying two contrasting notions: frailty and the creative power of the female energy. Utterly avant-garde in spirit, Bast Coffee Table constitutes the poetic statement of creating beauty against all odds. The handcrafting techniques utilized to produce this piece of furniture are exceptionally challenging; the amorphous sloping base is carved out of multiple pieces of solid wood and meticulously assembled to form a monolith block effect. The single-piece cast brass strip clasps the cavity, escalates against the slope, and constitutes a setting for the glass table top. The method of addressing the brass strip brings an artsy essence to this product with its wavy, coarse surface, and the contrasting grains of the solid wood base equally serve this function. Bast Coffee Table comes in a variety of color and texture options.

Harmony Elevated

Complete your environment within harmony